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Our vision is to ensure that all patients get the best possible surgical plan.

We use standard-of-care medical scans, coupled with machine learning algorithms, to revolutionize surgical planning. Using our algorithms, we automatically identify different tissue structures and abnormalities in the scan. We then calculate crucial quantitative information and generate a patient-specific 3D anatomical model. Surgeons, and the entire multi-disciplinary team, can now use this information to decide on the best possible surgical plan for that patient. We believe that a more informed surgeon is a better surgeon.


Current clinical practice

Currently surgeons still have to rely on greyscale images, most commonly visualized using 2D slice by slice viewing. This can make it difficult to mentally reconstruct the patient's unique 3D anatomy and perform accurate surgical planning. Click below to see a CT scan.

Quantified 3D anatomy

Quantitative analysis of the data is essential for extracting all useful information available from medical images, such as tumour volume and distance to vessels. Click on the button below to see a 3D model that Innersight has generated from the previous CT scan.

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Create a 3D model using your data

Upload a fully anonymized scan and we will generate a 3D model for you.


Innersight are currently focused on improving surgical planning for renal patients. If you're a trainee or consultant urological surgeon and are interested in our service please get in touch using the contact details below.


Innersight believe in empowering patients. If you or someone you know is about to undergo an operation, consider getting a personalized 3D anatomical model built to help better understand the decisions available to you and assist discussions with clinician team and family members. Please get in touch using the contact details below.