Frequently asked questions

Is my data safe ?

We only use the raw voxel data in the scans to generate a 3D model so no patient data is ever processed or stored by Innersight. Further we have built an easy to use uploader ('Dicom Picker') that can be used for scans that do contain patient information. This works by removing all meta and patient data from the scans locally before any upload has started, ensuring that only the required raw image data is uploaded. We use a secure HIPPA compliant cloud provider to store the raw imaging data. If you have any further questions from your hospital about this or require specialised handling of your data then please let us know, and we will do our best to find a solution.

How much does it cost ?

To start we offer a free trial. If you find continued value in the 3D models we can then discuss options of how to cover the costs of our 3D service.

How is the 3D model generated ?

We run machine learning algorithms to label tissues in the scan, and use human-in-the-loop algorithms to outline critical tissues such as tumours. The output of this process is a 3D image segmentation of the scan. We then validate the correctness of the segmentation in detail and if required make edits. Finally a 3D model is generated using a 3D meshing algorithm. You can find further details in our technical publications section.

How do I know if the 3D model is correct ?

You should verify the correctness of the 3D model by checking the segmentation of the scan. Inside the diary for a particular case, you can click on the CT button. Before releasing the 3D model to the user the correctnes of the 3D model is also checked in detail by one of our trained biomedical engineers.

What is the intended use of the service and software ?

The service and software is intended for professional medical education purposes only. In particular to allow for a detailed interactive 3D visualization of anatomical structures in a CT or MRI scan.

Has the service and software been C.E marked ?

No. This service and software is currently not C.E marked. However we are currently working towards this.

Can I have 3D models built for other organs ?

Yes, we can build a 3D model for any part of the body. So far we have built 3D models for hip replacements, wrist surgery, lung surgery, kidney surgery and liver surgery. Please get in touch or leave a detailed description in the notes section when uploading to give details on your 3D model requirements.

What scans do I need to upload ?

This depends on your application. As a general rule it is the scan that has the best image resolution with thinnest slice thicknes (<2mm) and contains the best contrast. For renal scans this is usually an axially sliced (0.5-1.5mm thickness) early phase arterial scan containing the whole kidney with high contrast in the arteries.

How can I share the 3D models with colleagues ?

Ask your colleagues to sign in at Also send an email to asking us to grant access to your colleagues and we will then add them to your team so they can view the same 3D models, and also add cases.

Other questions ?

Please contact us using