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We create 3D models from medical scans


  • Scanner

    From scans to 3D models

    Standard-of-care CT and MRI scans are used as the input. The patient’s anatomy is then extracted from the scan, which can then be viewed as an interactive 3D model.

  • 3D Model

    Enhanced surgical planning

    The 3D model can be viewed on mobile devices. Surgeons use this information alongside the scan to decide on the best surgical plan for the patient.

  • People

    Improved surgical outcomes

    Through better surgical planning we reduce the risk of complications, allowing more patients to benefit from minimally invasive surgery.

Surgeons at work
“The 3D model enables detailed understanding of the anatomy, not possible from 2D CT”
“We use Innersight3D for all our cases”
Mr Faiz Mumtaz (MBBS, MD, FRCS), Royal Free Hospital, London, Europe's largest Kidney Cancer Center

Introduction to Innersight3D

Innersight3D for Partial Nephrectomy (Kidney Cancer)

Innersight3D for Segmentectomy (Lung Cancer)

Innersight3D for Complete Mesocolic Excision (Colon Cancer)

Hospital Integration

Select your preferred scan upload route:

  • 1. Interoperability

    Innersight's PACS engineers will work with your hospital's Information Governance, Security and Technology teams, and PACS, to enable a direct connection to Innersght's Cloud PACS server.

  • 2. Upload DICOM

    Login to your familiar PACS client, select a scan, right click on the Examination List and select "Send to Teleradiolog Destination" and then "Innersight". Scans can be anonymised by your hospital before sending and/or on receipt by Innersight.

  • 3. View 3D model

    Innersight process the scan and, once completed, you can then view the 3D model on your mobile or computer.

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