The future of surgical planning

Creating 3D models from medical scans powers high-quality, safe surgical care.

Our solution

  • Scanner

    From scans to 3D models

    Standard-of-care CT and MRI scans are used as the input. The patient’s anatomy is then extracted from the scan, which can then be viewed as an interactive 3D model.

  • 3D Model

    Enhanced surgical planning

    The 3D model can be viewed on mobile devices or 3D printed. Surgeons use this information to decide on the best surgical plan for the patient.

  • People

    Improved surgical outcomes

    Through better surgical planning we reduce the risk of complications, allowing more patients to benefit from minimally invasive surgery.

Surgeons at work
“The 3D gives me confidence in my approach and helps guide me during the operation.”
Mr Faiz Mumtaz (MBBS, MD, FRCS), Royal Free Hospital, London

How it works

Quick steps to get your 3D model

  • 1. Choose Scans

    Choose the scans from which you want to generate a 3D model. Save the DICOM data to your desktop.

  • 2. Upload DICOM

    Login using google chrome, click 'Add case', then drag and drop the DICOM folder, and upload. We only use image pixel data from the DICOM so no patient data or other meta data is uploaded. The data is fully anonymised and no patient data is ever stored by Innersight.

  • 3. View 3D model

    Once uploaded, within 24 hours, you can then view the 3D model on your mobile or computer.

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